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AZEAN | Bȳre (Mix 6 by Azean)

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AZEAN | Bȳre (Mix 6 by Azean)


Bȳre is mixtape number 6 by Nasty Cat Reocrds’ in-house selector, AZEAN. It is the first techno mix that she’s done as she usually does Deep House, Electronic and Downtempo. A techno mix that still represents her style and love for melodies, emotions and vocals.

Hailing from the Far East, AZEAN was born and raised in the city island of Singapore in a family of musicians and artists. Despite this, AZEAN did not act on the innate calling of music until the age of 32. The penny dropped at a point in her life where she immensely felt in her heart that she was meant to trek on a more creative path, but her reality then, was pulling her further and further away from her true purpose. The battle between the two extremes manifested an energy within her that made her push beyond boundaries. Defying all odds, she uprooted her life and moved to London to pursue a degree in Music Business. Graduating with a First Class Honours, she then set up her own music enterprise, Acara Presents, supporting and representing new, up and coming London-based musicians and artists in live events, bookings and digital content. Within a year of conception, she has now expanded her reach and connected with artists in Bali, Singapore and Northern Ireland. Within this time, she also founded Blue Mascara Creative, an artistic offshoot of Acara, where she renders photography and videography services, telling her stories through images, mostly for fellow creatives in the UK.

The development of Blue Mascara Creative has seen her moving to Belfast in 2017 and teaming up with Nasty Cat Records, an emerging electronic music label in the region, where she has taken on the role of Creative Consultant. Being at Nasty Cat Records also presented the opportunity for her to finally get her hands deep into mixing and selecting, which had been a long time coming. Back home in Singapore, and sometimes Bali, she spent most of her twenties immersing herself into the city’s club culture. It was how she learned to appreciate the depth of hip hop music before moving into appreciating dance music where she effortlessly connected with DJs, club owners, promoters and dance-floor regulars who have become long-term friends.

AZEAN will take you on a soul-stirring trip playing deep house, minimal, lounge grooves and melodic techno. Her musical expression in her sets defines how she feels about her journey in life so far, and speaks volumes of her sensitive yet strong soul. AZEAN plays from the heart and touches yours, which will bring a lot of love and euphoric dancing into the room. Just the way life should be.

Listen to the mix! AZEAN | Bȳre (Mix 6 by Azean)

1. Sirens (Patrice Bäumel remix) – Monolink
2. Almost Exactly – GH
3. Hidden Beauties – ANNA
4. Boom Your Mind – Alex Nevre
5. Voodoo (Reset Robot remix) – Steve Bug, Cle
6. Solar Wind (Luca Bacchetti remix) – Satoshi Tomiie
7. Zeit – Alex Stein
8. No Takers – Nick Curly
9. Strand – Stephan Bodzin
10. Moan (Trentemøller remix) – Trentemøller

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