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Brook Haven – C45 Mix Session [WIVMIX001]

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Brook Haven – C45 Mix Session [WIVMIX001]


What a crazy ride the startup of this activity has been, too many roadblocks and legal stuff in the way. Anyway here’s the first mix for C45 series, 40minutes of random music put together on cassette tape just for the sake of spreading out some awesome tracks I’ve been listening to.

Listen to the mix! Brook Haven – C45 Mix Session [WIVMIX001]

All I Think About Is Death (Radio Slave Atmos) – Scuba
Layover – Delano Smith
What It Takes – Neon Chambers
Private Places (Shackleton & Mordant Music Remix) – Vindicatrix
Lights Out – Scuba
Promises – Ghostek
The Hope – Recondite
Want You to Be – Cosmin TRG
700007 – AWax
There's No Traffic at 3_45 AM – Izumi≈

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