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Buck Fuddy – Tyranusaurus Sex

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Buck Fuddy – Tyranusaurus Sex



Where there is dire need of Booty Bass, our bass wizard can be found! Delving dungeons and long forgotten realms to uncover ancient artifacts of multi-genre bass magic to unleash upon your parched ear drums.

Listen to the mix! Buck Fuddy – Tyranusaurus Sex

ATLiens & Badrapper – IMMA

Cerepon – Yojas

Bad One – Depleted! (feat Kkami)

RL Grime – Undo (CRWNS Remix)

CLIN – Ohmah

leet & Sterfry – Gasolina

Dabow – Ole (William. Remix)

Ethan Glass – Hail Satan VIP

Likeu – High

B-Dos – Brain

No Filter – It Ain’t Bangin’

OmarCameUp & N3KO – Snake Eater

Yushuf & Taroko – Overture

Joyride & Skrillex – Agen Wida (Javax flip)

Boombox Cartel – Whisper (Krischvn Remix)

Stevie Walrus – CPU

Mishap – Blanked

B-Dos – Crystal

Fioritura – Maegju Gajeoda

Golden Child & Julo – Pharaoh

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