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DJ Nick Stracener – Love and Lust In Music We Trust

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DJ Nick Stracener – Love and Lust In Music We Trust


This month is the either the loved or hated holiday of Valentines <3….I wanted to create a mix that would take you on a love or hate relationship. One thing is for sure you guys; whether you are single or in a relationship there is one thing you can always count on and this is MUSIC. So I titled this track “Love & Lust In Music We Trust”! Enjoy!

Nick Stracener is a self taught DJ. He started as a gogo dancer then worked his way to promoting events and then he decided to purse the art of dj’ing! He is a trained saxophonist and has played the sax for 17 years. His style of music is house, tribal house, and he likes a lot of upbeat vocals and remixing current songs!

Listen to the mix! DJ Nick Stracener-Love and Lust In Music We Trust

1. Sissy that Walk by Rupaul remixed by DJ Nick Stracener
2. Dem Beat by Todrick Hall and remixed by Las Bibas From Vizcaya
3. Lindsay Lohan’s Rumors-Remixed by DJ Nick Stracener
4. Lose Control by Meduza and remixed by DJ Aron
5. Lady Gaga’s Just Dance remixed by Fabio Slupie
6. Don’t Wait by Yohan Cohen
7. Blow my Mind by Dua Lipa and remixed by Esteban Lopez and Binomio
8. Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass- Remixed by Pedro Ilha
9. Bad Idea by Ariana Grande and remixed by Breno Jaime
10. Madonna’s Medllin and remixed by Uriel Ramirez and Carlos Martinez
11. Crack that Fan by Jackinsky
12. Quit You by Sia and remixed by J Verner
13. Music Is My Art remixed by Luise Erre
14. You Should Be Sad by Halsey and remixed by Dario Xavier
15. I drove all night by celine dion and remixed by Leandro Santos

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