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Elliot Fernandez – All About The Brightlife

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Elliot Fernandez – All About The Brightlife


This is a Tech House mix that I performed in Brighton last year. I decided to improve it and this is now by far my best set.

My Bio: Elliot Fernandez started producing at the young age of 6 years old, now 18 years of age. Born and raised in South London, he found his love for the House DJ scene after his first experience at an illegal rave in 2020, settling his already broad knowledge into the DJ world.

Underground (Original Mix) – Rsquared
Hot Flash (Extended Mix) – Max Styler
Get Down With You (Original Mix) – Yungness & Jaminn
Crush On You (Original Mix) – MUUS, Ranger Trucco
Angel De La Guarda (Original Mix) – Daniel Orpi
Babylonia (Extended) – PEACE MAKER!
HIT THE CLUB (Original Mix) – VLTRA (IT)
Whispers In The Wind (Original Mix) – Michael Bibi
My Mind (Extended Mix) – Kyle Walker
Comin' Over (Extended Mix) – Max Styler, DJ Susan
Get It On The Floor (Original Mix) – Ricardo Espino
Candy Shop (Original Mix) – Nicolau Marinho
El Ritmo (Extended Mix) – PAGANO
HIGHER (Original Mix) – KMAND
On The Floor (Extended Mix) – HOLA!
Wanted (Extended Mix) – Truth x Lies
Aguila Del Monte ft. Martina Camargo (Extended Mix) – David Novacek
Prince – Molino
Superazzid (Original Mix) – Wade
Whisper (with James Yuill) (Nasser Baker Extended Remix) – Dennis Ferrer, DISCIPLΞS
Simple Minded – Dillon Nathaniel, Saffron Stone
Make Up Your Mind (Original Mix) – James Wiles
Yes, I Like Bass (Original Mix) – Andre Salmon, FreedomB, Jordano Roosevelt
Dale (Original Mix) – MUUS
How I Feel (Biscits Extended Mix) – Martin Ikin, Hayley May

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