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Essence of Life 002

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Essence of Life 002


Deep, Melancholiac, Organic house with a little bit of spice to keep the head bobbin..

1.Maktub, Augustine Landucci
2.Crystal Voices, Enigmatic
3.Satellite Girl, Lee Burridge
4.Gust of Wind, Ranta, Adam Nathan
5.Sue Le Feu, Bodashin,Phoesy
6.I’ll be with you, George X
7.Feeling Sweep, N ōpi
8. Window to the Soul, Beije
9. Azure, Valer den Bit, Pippi Ciez- Pippie Ciez Reinterpretation
10. La Caminata, VICTHOR, Bross (RO)
11. Trubadour, Bross (RO), Nacho Varela, Cruzz Vittor
12. Alchemy, Limara
13. Love, Marsh (Extended Mix)

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Melodic House


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