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Fedde Le Grand EDM @ Fluxx

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Fedde Le Grand EDM @ Fluxx


06/09/2011 at  Fluxx!!!

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Fedde Le Grand

Event Details: FEDDE LE GRAND
Rare breeds like Fedde Le Grand are few and far between, and so when someone like this comes along it’s right that the world sits up and listens. He’s a Dutchman blessed with such talent that keeping up to speed with what he does is a task in itself

His abilities in the studio are endless. Together with his good friend and production partner Funkerman, they’ve churned out some immaculate material that has slotted into an absolute cross section of fellow DJS. The Flamingo Recordings imprint now stands as one of the most forward-thinking and exciting labels in EDM, with top flight acts eagerly hanging on for news of new releases and remix work.


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