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Fortune 421 hosts 2012 DJ Contest at Guest House in San Diego

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Fortune 421 hosts 2012 DJ Contest at Guest House in San Diego


Fortune 421 is looking for eight talented DJ’s to participate in their 2012 DJ Contest at Guest House!

San Diego, CA. – Fortune 421 is excited to announce its third annual DJ contest taking place at Stingaree Guest House. Fortune 421 is joining forces for a Winter event series every Monday night with TK Productions and Pacific Magazine named The Scene. The DJ contest will kick off The Scene and take place at the beginning of the night during the months of October and November until they have crowned a winner on Monday November 26th 2012.

Fortune 421 has had a long relationship with Stingaree since the early days of the company when they held their 1-year anniversary there in 2006. Since then, Fortune 421 has grown into a nationally recognized clothing line, swimwear line, record label and events production company. After Stingaree’s remodel of Guest House, it felt like a natural fit for this competition to take place in the DJ friendly space that was created.

The contest was been built around the launch of The FAM Artists in 2010. The FAM is a collective group of house music DJs that are sponsored and marketed by Fortune 421. In an effort to foster talented artists in the San Diego area, the idea of a competition was formed to create an exciting platform for new emerging DJs to gain exposure and have the opportunity to break through. These artists will get a chance to see what it really takes to make it in the nightlife industry as a full time DJ, and in the process, The FAM may even find a shining star to join the team like 2010’s winner Kyle Flesch.

The competition will allow for eight emerging artists to perform in front of a live audience at Guest House and be judged based on crowd response, track selection, overall DJ skills, and the amount of guests brought to the venue. Each week two artists will have two 30-minute sets to try and out shine each other and advance to the next round. The qualifying rounds will take place during weeks one thru four, the semi-finals on weeks five and six, and the finals will take place on week seven, at which point a winner will be crowned!

The winning DJ will be rewarded with a paid spot in a future Stingree event in early 2013. On the night of that show, he/she will receive a $50 drink tab as well as a complementary bottle of Vodka for a group of friends. Lastly he/she will receive a Fortune 421 Clothing gift bag worth over $200. Each week during the competitions both DJs will be featured on the flyer and be given a $50 drink tab as well as one Fortune 421 t-shirt. The advancing contestant each week will win a case of Red Bull Energy Drink!

DJs that are interested in entering the contest will need to submit a 30-minute mix, a gig resume and links to websites/social sites before the September 24th deadline. Applicants must have experience performing in the bar and nightclub industry and must play house music to be considered. The details for submission along with the rules and regulations can be easily downloaded at www.

Contest Rules

Dates of Contest

Mondays in October & November
Qualifiers: 10/8/12, 10/15/12, 10/22/12 & 10/29/12
Semifinals: 11/5/12 & 11/12/12
Finals: 11/26/12
Takes place from 9:30pm-11:30pm each week
Contestant #1 spins from 9:30pm-10pm and again from 10:30pm-11pm
Contestant #2 spins from 10pm-10:30pm and again from 11pm-11:30pm


• 8 House-music DJs will be selected from all of the applicants
• Selection is based on style of music, past gig resume, following/fan-base


• Jason Royle – 421 Events
• Brandon Thomason – TK Productions
• The headlining DJ from the night of the contest

Application Process

Submit to us by September 24 2012:

• 30 minute House-music mix
• Biography
• Gig resume (past 5-10 gigs)
• Links to website/social sites
• List of equipment needed to perform
• Shirt size
• Contact info
• Send above info to [email protected], or send hard copy version to:
Fortune’s 2012 DJ Contest 920 E St. # 102 San Diego, CA 92101

Contest Rules

• The order of contestants each week is determined by the size of guest list
submitted. Contestant with smaller guest list spins first. Contestant with bigger guest list spins second.
• Booking a VIP table will award contestants with 5 bonus points per bottle.
• Judging will be based on crowd response, track selection, overall DJ skills, and the amount of guests brought to the venue (1 point per person off list or promo card).
• The judges will announce the winner around 12:30am each night.
• The winner from each week will move on to the next round until we declare a champion on week 7.

Each week contestants receive:

• Name on the flyer to help with their promotions and exposure
• 5 drink tickets for the bar
• One Fortune 421 T-Shirt

Grand Prize Winner receives:

• A paid headlining gig for a future Stingaree/Guest House night in early 2013
• 5 drink tickets for the bar on the night of the gig
• A complementary bottle for your friends on the night of the gig
• A Fortune 421 Clothing gift bag with the newest styles available
• The potential of becoming a part of the The FAM Artists roster. (No guarantee, but if you impress us enough, the door may be wide open for a bright future and many more gigs)

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