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Episode 50 of the San Diego house music podcast we are very excited to feature talanted UK DJ / Producer – GadgetMan!

Get ready to groove and boogie because GadgetMan has created a special mix to celebrate the 50th Episode of the Podcast.

Enjoy the house music… mates!

About Gadgetman

GadgetMan (Danny Bond) is one of the  founding members of top UK production outfit Bassmonkeys. After six beautiful years of sweet harmony with his monkey brothers, it was time to face the world alone and on Friday 7th January 2011; cold, scared and more than a little apprehensive  … GadgetMan was born.

Danny Bond has been producing house music of various flavors on and off now for 11 years. The studio at his home has grown into something he is very proud of and is now centered around Logic Studio 9 on fully loaded 8-core Mac Pro. DJing has been a big part of Danny’s life for around 18 years and he’s been lucky to play alongside pretty much any name you care to mention.

Originally Danny started playing vinyl (of course) but reluctantly moved to CDJs after a brief flirtation with the original Stanton Final Scratch. Now his weapons of choice are Traktor Pro 2 with the Kontrol S4 and Kontrol X1 – it’s an awesome combination and incredibly powerful.

For DJ bookings contact [email protected]

To learn more about GadgetMan visit these websites

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