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Getting on the guestlist at San Diego clubs

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Getting on the guestlist at San Diego clubs


The San Diego House Music team often gets asked how to get on the guest list at night clubs in San Diego,  it’s actually a lot easier than many people may think.   We have outlined a few ways that can get you past the velvet ropes, like a VIP, and at no cost to you.

1.  I’m with the DJ
We’ve all heard the term and some of us have even used it to our advantage.  The DJ is probably your best connection for getting into the night club for free.  The club won’t ask any questions if the DJ puts you on their guest list. Two to three days before you head to the club,  check what DJ is playing at the venue and then visit their social media pages and ask if they can put you on the list, most of the time they are more than happy to do it.

2.  I know people, people know me
Networking with night club event promoters in San Diego is another great way to gain free access to night clubs.  Do your homework and find who is responsible for promoting the event you want to attend, then contact them via Facebook/Twitter or their website.  The promoter’s job is to get people attending their events and since you want to go, it’s a win/win situation.

3.  Go to the source
Contact the club directly from their website or by phone number.  Ask them if they have guest list access and what it would take to get on the list.  Even if you’re not ready to drop $500 on bottle service, they may still give you and your friends free entry to the venue.  On the club’s website you should sign up for any email or SMS newsletter, which also often provide guest list information.

Learn the Rules
In the past, being on the clubs guest list was something to brag about, these days the guest list is a tool to get crowds to the night club early and in masses.   Be sure to learn the terms and read the fine print of being on the guest list.

By asking these questions you will be informed when you arrive and may help you avoid any bait and switch tactics if they were used by night club promoters.

Now that we’ve shown you some industry secrets, go out there and get into some clubs for free. Have fun and remember to dance like no one is watching.

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