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House Music Junkie puts the ‘Hot’ in Hot Body Pilates

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House Music Junkie puts the ‘Hot’ in Hot Body Pilates


Kloey Hanson - Owner of Hot Body Pilates

Compiling the killer combination of eye-catching beauty, a chiseled physique, extraordinary entrepreneurial prowess, and excellent taste in music is Kloey Hanson, owner of Hot Body Pilates.  Strictly a house music fan, dismissing all other genres as inferior, Kloey and her growing fitness empire are prime subjects for San Diego House Music’s local spotlight.

Her favorite artists and DJs include a long list of quality acts such as Kaskade, Victor Dinaire, Cowboy Mike, Scooter and Lavell, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, and Oakenfold.  Not just an average fan, Kloey is well connected into the local house music and San Diego nightclub scene, counting the owner of Sfinx Productions (Promoters of Friday Nights at the Ivy & Intervention, and the Hard Rock’s Halloween and New Years Parties) among her closet friends.  Her circle of influence delves deep within many fashion, art, and entertainment circles within our city and beyond.

Kloey's state of the art machines will give you that HOT beach body!

Hot Body Pilates is located on the corner of 6th and Market Street in the heart of the Gaslamp District.  This high traffic and trendy area of Downtown San Diego provides her with a perfect location with tons of visibility to build upon her inspiring vision of owning studios across the nation and eventually worldwide.  After successfully building Hot Body Pilates for over five years and diligently studying all aspects of the Health and Fitness Industry (with her focus being on “Pilates Based Training Techniques”), she decided to take on carefully handpicked apprentices who are currently working as her understudies in a training program completely designed by the twenty-eight year old dynamo.  The first team of “HBP Certified” Trainers will be graduating in August of this year.  Kloey’s dream of building a large number of highly skilled instructors to continue to build the Hot Body Pilates Brand has just begun and she isn’t stopping there.  An additional three more groups are due to start over the summer!

This house head certainly has no problem looking good at Sunday pool parties

This house head certainly has no problem looking good at Sunday pool parties

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly with the amount of eye-candy roaming about her studio), her client base is over sixty-percent male.  She attributes this to the intensity and cutting edge nature of her Pilates Based Training Techniques and obviously the proof is in the results!  Oftentimes you would think that only males are the clients who are willing to withstand the extreme, yet beneficial, pain that results from her training style and techniques, but I must not fail to mention that I have seen MANY extremely HOT female clients that could give some of us males a run for our money or better yet, maybe we should run to Hot Body Pilates to get a taste of her studio filled with thirteen HOT trainers!  In fact, oftentimes only the fitness elite can hang with her grueling sessions.  This is demonstrated by the long list of Chargers, Padres, PGA Golfers, Triathletes, professional surfers, World Champion martial artists, and Charger cheerleaders, who have enrolled in her challenging programs.

As impressive as these facts are, what is just as impressive to us is her love of electronic music and her willingness to infuse it into her business.  House music dominates the sound pumping through the speakers at Hot Body Pilates, at least when she is in the building.  Anything else immediately gets changed once the boss is there!  Even her new DVD series features house music that she co-produced with Los Angeles producer Rick Stone, owner of DTA Muzik. According to Kloey, Stone is a kick ass producer who she was honored to work with.  He performed excellent work in compiling her soundtrack and comes highly recommended by her.


Contact Kloey Today!

Kloey is a great friend and ally to the house music scene in San Diego.  After all, you need a HOT BODY if you want to turn heads at the various Sunday pool parties sprouting up throughout the city.  To get a hot body, go to Hot Body Pilates and talk to Kloey!

Visit for more information.
Hot Body Pilates is located at 560 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


You may contact Kloey at 858-220-1415 or by email at [email protected].

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