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House of Fortune DJ Contest at SideBar

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House of Fortune DJ Contest at SideBar


Fortune Industries is excited to announce its first ever DJ contest taking place at Side Bar Nightclub. Fortune Industries has been producing a weekly event every Thursday night this summer titled “House of Fortune featuring The Fam Artists.” The DJ contest will take place at the beginning of each Thursday night during the months of October and November until they have crowned a winner the week before Thanksgiving.

The competition will allow for eight emerging artists to perform in front of a live audience at and be judged based on crowd response, track selection, overall DJ skills, and the amount of guests brought to the venue. Each week two artists will have two 30-minute sets to try and out shine each other and advance to the next round. The winning DJ will be rewarded with a paid headlining spot in a future House of Fortune event in January of 2011, a complementary bottle of Vodka for a group of friends and a Fortune 421 Clothing gift bag worth over $200. Each week during the competitions both DJs will be featured on the flyer and be given a $50 drink tab as well as one Fortune 421 t-shirt. The advancing contestant each week will win a case of Red Bull Energy Drink!

DJs that are interested in entering the contest will need to submit a 30-minute mix, a gig resume and links to websites/social sites before the September 24th deadline. Applicants must have experience performing in the bar and nightclub industry and must play house music to be considered. The details for submission along with the rules and regulations can be easily downloaded here at:

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