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Imogen Heap educates crowd about music making, creates song for San Diego

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Imogen Heap educates crowd about music making, creates song for San Diego


Last Sunday evening San Diego welcomed Imogen Heap from the United Kingdom to the Humpreys Concert by the bay venue. Those in attendance would see that Imogen Heap dedicated time to localize the concert for San Diego and educate her audience about the music creation process.

There were no opening acts scheduled, instead warm-up sets were performed by members of Imogen Heap’s band, who were introduced by the artist herself. Imogen described to the crowd what she particularity liked about each of the artist’s sound, each of the respected performers played two to three of their own original songs.

With the crowd properly warmed up, and the sun setting over the bay, Imogen Heap walked on stage ready to start the show. In her hands was a tube that she began to swing over her head, making a buzzing sound; added to the buzzing sound was background music and Imogen’s voice. The band consisting of two violins, two guitars (bass and regular) and a drummer, joined Imogen on stage, to the side of the stage sat her mixing technician.

Between songs Imogen Heap took time to introduce the audience to her music, talking about the origin of songs and the creating process.

She pointed to small black objects on her wrists and said, “These are microphones, when I reach out my hand like this, I am sampling something.”

She proceeded to demonstrate just that in her next song, starting with the sampling of the rims of wine glasses being rubbed with water, the same way her last album started. Imogen continued to create the rest of the song on the fly using keyboards, drums, bells and her amazing voice.

Before the show Imogen Heap’s Website had polled San Diego and allowed local fans to vote on their 12 favorite songs to be played at the show.

Imogen said, “Don’t worry I’ll play way more than 12 songs tonight and the rest are my choice!” words that were met with cheers from the crowd.

In the middle of the show, Imogen Heap stated she was going to create a song that would be available for download for $1 from her Website and would support the San Diego Zoo. She proceeded to do a live polling of the audience who shouted that she should make a track in the key of F sharp and the melody should sounds like “bow chika wow wow” (thanks very much to a stoned audience member). Without skipping a beat (which Imogen Heap determined to be a 6/8), she proceeded to create the track. Check out the video to see the track she created, and also go to her website and support the San Diego Zoo by purchasing the song. In this segment the audience really gets to experience the work of a singer/songwriter and see how a song can start as one idea and end up as something totally different.

The best part of her show is that as audience member we learn how Imogen Heap makes her music and we get to participate in the process. We see how she uses echo, looping and sampling to layer her music and how her mixing technician creates the mix live. Her simple dancing and hand movements added more energy to every vocal she sang. The band members contributed without overpowering the beautiful creations of Imogen Heap’s voice.

Did you attend the concert?  What do you think of Imagen Heap music?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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