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Infected Mushroom at Fluxx

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Infected Mushroom at Fluxx


07/14/2011 at  Fluxx

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Infected Mushroom

Event Details: “It was originally going to be a concept album about food we are addicted to,” says Amit “Duvdev” Duvedevani of electronic-rock phenoms INFECTED MUSHROOM about the group’s latest album, Legend of the Black Shawarma. “We had a batch of songs celebrating our favorite places to eat around the world. Then we got into more intense subject matter, but as the title suggests, there’s still a lot of material about getting your grub on.”

Shawarma finds the Israeli-bred, L.A.-based electronic duo taking their Psy-Trance fusion of bruising, metallic rock and unstoppable dance-floor beats to a new level. “It’s a really diverse record,” Duvdev relates of the band’s follow-up to 2007’s Vicious Delicious, “it’s even more aggressive–both on the metal side and on the breakbeat side.”

Thanks to their boundary-pushing songs and incendiary performances, the adventurous duo has become one of the biggest electronic bands on the planet. Twice ranked among the world’s 10 best DJs by the bible of the scene, the U.K.’s DJ magazine, they routinely whip crowds of all cultures into the same whirling froth. Their explosive show, featuring guitars, live drums, Duvdev’s intensely passionate vocals, Erez’s nimble keyboards and an ambitious multimedia backdrop, ranks among the genre’s most unpredictably joyous events.

Their schedule has proved as relentless as their juggernaut jams. From the Ultra Music Festival in Miami (which drew over 100,000 attendees this past March), Cali’s Coachella, the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, Mexico’s OMIX, Brazil’s Ipanema Beach and Melbourne’s Metro Club, Infected Mushroom has averaged about 120 live performances per year.


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