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Kohdi Rayne – Frission Incredi

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Kohdi Rayne – Frission Incredi


Episode 41 of the San Diego house music podcast we are featuring DJ Kohdi Rayne and his electro house mix titled Frission Incredi.

Enjoy the Mix!

About Kohdi Rayne

From participant, to performer, Kohdi Rayne has thoroughly embraced and breached every element of Electronica. With over 800 events under his belt durring his DJ career, he has risen to every occasion from frat house parties, mainstream clubs, and massive raves up the California coast. Elevating from a Hip Hop background, but living the Electro lifestyle, he has perfected the fusion of the multi-genre demand. From advanced scratching, to breakdancing, music is his channel and the stage is his platform. Signed by multiple international agencies, he has proven himself to be a passionate and professional high energy DJ. Specializing in Electro House and Dance music, he is sought out throughout the globe for his DIRTY, FUNKY, NASTY, SEXY beats and jump style performances!

01 – The Journy Continues feat. Sarah Cracknell
02 – Nothing Is For Real – John Dahlback
03 – Ibiza – Thomas Gold & FDs Club Mix
04 – Devils Music – Zodiac Cartel
05 – Its Love (Trippin) feat. Claudia Patrice
06 – Green Frisbees – Hatiras
07 – You Know The Sound feat – Far Too Loud
08 – Ooohh – Bronstibock
09 – Cold Act Ill – Wolfgang Gartner Monster Mix
10 – Hey Baby – Melleefresh/Deadmau5
11 – Come To Me – Adam K And Soha
12 – Shake It Up – Stanton Warriors
13 – Osc Low Nyzz – Aaren San
14 – Show Me Dub Step – Robin S

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