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LinusPlay – G House Set

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LinusPlay – G House Set


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LinusPlay has played at clubs in San Diego, California for many years, including House of Blues, Fluxx, Bassmnt and Dive Day Club. His multi-genre sets include anything from trap and hip-hop to booming electro house and then can switch to hip-hop infused house. His style includes heavy drops and quick cuts to keep the crowd on their toes, but he also likes to have melodic breakdowns and vocals that people can sing along to.

1. The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance (The Beatangers & Boogie Vice Remix)
2. Umut Akalin – Smoke Machines & Laser Rays (Saccao & Lou Van Remix)
3. Sharam Jey & Kolombo – Big Deal! (Original Mix)
4. Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake That (Mark Knight Remix)
5. PTAF – Boss Ass Bitch (Palmah Remix)
6. Thee Cool Cats – Grab the Wall (Original Mix)
7. Croatia Squad – Pop Your Pussy (Original Mix)
8. Shiba San – I Like Your Booty (Original Mix)
9. Nikitin – This My Shit (Original Mix)
10. Shiba San – Westside Connection (Original Mix)
11. Redman, Method Man, Sugarstarr & GOH – I Used To Be (Extended Mix)
12. Rafael Cerato & Upstroke – G.P (Fapples Remix)
13. Max Lyazgin – My 90s (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix)
14. Cmyk & Diamn – Short Dick (Original Mix)
15. Richy Ahmed – The Drums (feat. Kevin Knapp)
16. Amine Edge & Dance – Halfway Crooks (Original Mix)
17. Kyrill & Redford – Dadance (Original Mix)
18. Holt Blackheath – Beat That (Original Mix)
19. Thee Cool Cats – Vacate (Original Mix)
20. Ennio – Go Insane (Original Mix)
21. The Beatangers – Nigga Who (Original Mix)
22. Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me (Original Mix)


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