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thClub life Electro, EDM dance mix by DJ Michael Benz Live
Michael Benz Live has been changing the energy of the club scene all over the world. His upbeat and contagiously addictive positive persona is projected through his high energy personality and emitted through the sound waves of his microphone. The atmosphere of the evening is set by Michael through his continuous encouragement of the crowd to participate and get loose. He is somebody that can entertain, make people laugh and isn’t afraid to push the envelope at times keeping the crowd engaged and always wanting more. Michael’s background includes radio personality work for 102.7 Kiss FM and he has hosted with numerous DJ’s such as Dj Motiv8 from The Blackeyed Peas, Steve Aoki, Eric Cubeechee, DJ Exzek, Big Syphe from Power 106 and DJ IMG. Michael Benz always bring something different to the Party.

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