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Mr. Manic – Twilight Vibe Volume 6

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Mr. Manic – Twilight Vibe Volume 6


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Mix Description:
A collection of mostly new, a few slightly older tracks of the deepest of deep house and some tech house.

Mark Bell & Fred Everything – Dark Beats
Miss Disk – Nightflowers (Bucher Remix)
Spennu – Je Te Veux (Pion Remix)
Johnny Cade – A Sanguine Lamb (Huxley Remix)
Evren Ulusoy – Dearly Devoted (Gorge’s Classic Remix)
Franksen & Redux – Busta Feel (Original Mix)
BD Tom – Saturday Inspiration (Original Mix)
Jackspeare – Monolog (Original Mix)
Sezer Ulysal & Evren Ulusoy – Sundeck (Original Mix)
Giom – People (Kinky Movement Remix)
Mario da Ragnio – Curcuma (Milton Jackson Remix)
Ben Arsenal & Ethyenne feat. Jonifin Marvin – She’s A Ten (Mr. Manic Remix)
Insect O. – Birds Over Hong Kong (Marko Furstenberg’s The Peak Remix)
Shining Bright Funnels – Walk Away! (Original Mix)

Mr. Manic is a Philadelphia based electronic music, DJ, and performance artist who embraces many genres. Locally, he is known for his work with audio-visual collective Psy-Fi Productions, his floor packing deep house sets, his monthly Goth night Spellbound, and his personal blog Philly Decay, which covers local Goth culture. Internationally, he is known for his work with Drop Dead Festival and Drop Dead Magazine, where he traveled throughout Europe working with many artists from the Goth subculture old and new, as well as many experimental and alternative electronic musicians.

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