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Pacific San Diego Magazine is a local publication that has captured San Diego’s attention with its elegant editorial and great photography.  Entering the scene in November 2007, Pacific San Diego Magazine has been delivering catchier headlines and photos with each issue.

Published by David Perloff, Pacific San Diego Magazine starts each issue with a light editorial from the publisher reflecting San Diego lifestyle. The last few issues of the magazine have focused on a specific subject matter, such the as Body and Water.

Photo by John Mireles appeared in March 2010 Issue of Pacific San Diego Magazine

As one opens Pacific San Diego Magazine, they are introduced to the First Things section, a coverage of local timely stories. A true staple of the magazine is Blind Date, where regular people agree to have their first date recorded and photographed from the awkward start to the ending good night kiss (if everything went well).

The section that mostly intrigues is the Groove section that features a local San Diego DJ or producer making waves in the night club scene.  Along with an up-and-coming DJ, the Groove highlights local bartenders and restaurant chefs worth checking out.

Not only is Pacific San Diego Magazine filled with fun and entertaining sections, it’s abundant with glamorous advertisements from some of San Diego’s hippest night clubs, restaurants and nightlife brands.  The design work in the ads captures the imagination of the San Diego party-going demographic.

Sources close to San Diego House Music, say that Pacific San Diego Magazine is currently working on a new website that will be launched mid-2010.  Rumor has it that this new project from Pacific San Diego Magazine will put them in the same league as other local online publications, such as Discover SD, 944 Magazine and City Beat websites.  We guess we will just have to wait and see if those rumors are true.

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Pacific San Diego Magazine Video

New Evolution Video was at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel to celebrate the release of Pacific SD’s Water issue.

Pacific San Diego Magazine – Water 2010 from New Evolution Video

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  1. Pat says:

    Haven’t seen Pacific Magazine before, but looking at their covers and some of their issues on their site… wow, it looks awesome! Great photos with interesting and relevant content is a killer combination. Can’t wait to see that new site when it goes up.

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