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PartySauce – Deep House Mix

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PartySauce – Deep House Mix


1 Hour Deep House Mix (Booty shaking, baby making music)
Mix was played and recorded at the Filling Station in Bozeman, MT.
I have been DJing on and off for 8 years now. I play all spectrum of music from heavy hitters to bouncy house. I have played shows at Burning Man, Snobar, Pirate Party, Quarantine, Bar Gigs and just recently got to open for G-Rex and Zeke Beats. Music is my passion and joy. I try to share that with as many people as I can.

Listen to the mix! PartySauce

1. Numb- Carbin
2. Gattaca- Squawk
3. Boycott- Sweat
4. Gustavo- TEI
5. Asdek- Weirdo
6. Banza- Guarana
7. Cazztek- I See
8. Destructo- All Night
9. ?- Down Like That
10. Evoluare- Montanha Encantada
11. Kayliox- Give It To You
12. Locus- Famous
13. Loge21- Flip The Funk
14. Masteria- Can You Feel It
15. Matroda- No Doubt
16. Qlank- Hollow
17. Sammy Legs- High Def
18. Fish Scale- Wicked
19. Donkong- Up N Down
20. ?- French Fries
21. Ghost Channels- Bounce
22. Maffei- Freakadelic
23. Vagan- Balance
24. Kramder- Vothkhal
25. Mammout Mo Falk- Infamous
26. Holly- Linear
27. Tombz- Whos She
28. Moska- This Is House
29. Qlank- Pounds
30. Rich Dietz- Neighborhood
31. Wenzday- Jungle Demon
32. Jacknife- Pop That
33. Mnnr- Sauce
34. Big Makk- Jenga
35. Botnek- Jiffy
36. Boy Bishop- If We Could Only See Us Now
37. Dave Summit- Bassment
38. Hold Up- Deep Home
39. Andre Sarate- Lay Back
40. Badger- Manneken Peace
41. Titus- Doubetter
42. Karpy- Strip Down
43. Kendol- Tension
44. High Up- Gucci Gang
45. Loge21- Next Order
46. Mazay- Don’t Stop
47. Phelgmatic- Used 2 Be
48. Paskal- Voices
49. Fish Scale- Hands
50. Rrotik- House Shake
51. Youngwolf- Bad Omens
52. Atarii- Going Hard
53. Da Keffe- Wants Ma
54. Malixe- Turn Off The Lights
55. Dustycloud- Feeling So Good

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