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Random Soul – Let Love Fly


music review by Zachary Noah

Random Soul, AKA, Yogi and Husky, got together with vocalist Tim Fuller for a soulful release entitled, “Let Love Fly.” This seven-track gem has a little bit of everything for the house-lover.

Random Soul aka Yogi & Husky

The first track, the original, is driven by a synthesizer, Fuller’s voice and bass. The breakdown, at around 3 minutes, brings a beautiful change of pace with Fuller urging you to “let love fly.” This track, groovy, and deep, has a disco feel to it as well, as evidenced by the funky guitar in the background and the fact that you will be “digging on it,” after you hear it.

The second track, the instrumental version of the original is a perfect song to play in a loungy, swanky night club or sushi bar just before the big crowd arrives. It provides enough background jazz to make the happy hour-regular guy move his head to the beat, while the typical martini-drinking college girl will be grooving to it as well.

Track 3 brings a “bump” to it. Electro sounds, broken beats and vocals drive this one, which is full of almost every sound that house music provides. Some might love this one, but others may feel that there is a little bit too much going on in this song – like a Dave Matthews song that is good until he brings in the 9th instrument. Track 4, the “bumpstrumental” is very similar to the third track, minus the vocals.

The fifth track brings the Vernon & DaCosta rub into the mix. Completely different than the first four tracks, this one brings the dirty, dank, dark bass to you right from the beginning then reels you in with a killer piano hook. It’s a great song to mix in or out with, considering the long intro and ending.

And if the previous five didn’t bring enough to the table, Random Soul hook up with Sean Dimitri to remix the sixth and seventh tracks. More percussion is present on these two, but Fuller’s voice, the synth beats, and funky bass are also along for the ride.

Personally I like the original and the instrumental the best. There is an element of electro and disco to them, but they are jazzy, deep and grooving at the same time, which is not easy to pull off. Random Soul seemed to have done exactly that and I thank them for it.

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