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Reset Electronic Music Festival at Sports Arena

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Reset Electronic Music Festival at Sports Arena


Over ten DJs on three stages graced the Sports Arena with their presence this past Saturday at the Reset Electronic Music Festival. A couple thousand concert goers were treated to multiple styles of quality electronica and amazing light shows complete with a Cubatron 3D led visualizer. A basketball arena-sized dance floor, a large amount of comfortable seating, excellent concessions, and vast areas to roam about, make the Sports Arena a winning venue for ongoing electronic shows.


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The event was headlined by San Francisco artist, Bassnectar who describes his style as ‘omnitempo maximalism’ meaning that he follows no set conventions. The long resume of venues he’s played include Austin City Limits Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Rothbury, Burning Man, Bonnaroo, Ultra Music Festival, All Good Music Festival, Diversafest, and Shambhala. His heavy, wobbling bass lines, scratching ability, and excellent sampling kept the crowd jumping for almost two hours. In addition, the video production on the monitor was by far the top video display of the night.

The number two man on the line-up was A-Trak, another high-energy crowd inciter. Based out of New York, he is the first DJ ever to win five World Championships, as well as the first DJ to win the DMC, Vestax, and ITF competitions. His set injected intensity into the crowd that served as a perfect lead up to Bassnectar. A-Trak put on an excellent performance, and was only slightly eclipsed by the headliner.

Flying Lotus, a.k.a. FlyLo followed up Bassnectar, took the third spot on the lineup. You may recognize this Los Angeles DJ’s work from the intermission bumps on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, of which he produces a large chunk. At the beginning he was rocking it, using kung fu-inspired samples reminiscent of Wu-Tang. However as he went deeper into his set, his tracks turned into an ultra-experimental barrage of noise. At this point, my ears couldn’t take it anymore and I left to check out Le Castle Vania.

Atlanta based Le Castle Vania, Toronto natives Hatiras and MC Flipside, BSOD member Steve Duda, 12th Planet, Hot Mouth, Eliot Lip, Peacemaker, and Austin Speed, rounded out the rest of the lineup, leaving ticket holders plenty of options to choose from.

My main criticism of the event had nothing to do with the performances themselves, but involved the poor logistical planning and execution by the ticket office and security protocol of the Sports Arena. I showed up there at 7:00 PM without a ticket on the day of the show that started at 8:00 PM, and found no ticket window open. Leaving then returning at 9:30 PM, I was greeted by a sizable, but bearable line. Little did I know that it would take literally one and a half hours until 11:00 PM to enter the arena. This was due to their attempt to funnel two thousand people into one entrance with only three groups of security personnel taking tickets and performing pat-downs. However, the annoyance quickly faded once I got inside and heard the bass pumping.

Besides the clear lack of entrance planning by the Sports Area, the festival was a huge success. I had a great experience and hope it reoccurs well into the future. The excellent venue and location offered by the Sports Arena grants this event all the opportunity to grow and flourish.

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