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Sebass- In The House With Sebass

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Sebass- In The House With Sebass


An upbeat and new age house mix full of remixes and techniques you hardly hear in a mix. Sebass grew up near Coachella Fest with great knowledge of DJing from a young age. Constantly in the loop with music and a song selection like no other! Performing in live crowds for 6 years and counting. A young hispanic first generation kid with lots of love and passion for house music and DJing!

1. California Dreamin- Chris Lorenzo
2. Yonaguni- Bad Bunny (Back Noize Remix)
3. Redbone- Childish Gambino (Vin Postega Remix)
4. Say It Right- Nelly Furtado (DJ Dark & Mental Remix)
5. Get Your Freak On- Missy Elliott (Proppa Remix)
6. Fergalicious- Fergie (OMEM Remix)
7. Tokyo Drift- Teriyaki Boyz ( Odd Mob RAW Edit)
8. Got To Be Real- Cheryl Lynn (Lotrax Edit)
9. Workout- J. Cole (Watzgood Remix)
10. My Humps- Black Eyed Peas (Lee Foss Remix)
11. Say My Name (Kempeh Remix)

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House, Deep House, Funk, Melodic

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