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Skaivi here! I’m a 19-year-old Chicago-based electronic music producer. I love to write songs and sometimes sing them too! I’ve had huge passion for music ever since since I was a very little kid and I would sing and dance to music all the time, whether it was to Lady Gaga or my own made up tunes. I started songwriting at about twelve years old because I wanted to try and do my own thing and express my creativity, like the artists I looked up to did. In my first few years of songwriting, I was learning a lot and ended up writing a few hundred song lyrics!

And as for producing, after a lot of convincing myself to try, and some more inspiration from my favorite artists, I started when I was seventeen…on my ol’ iPhone SE. Don’t worry, I eventually got a laptop haha. It was because of me experimenting in making music on my phone’s GarageBand that I realized how much producing spoke to me, and that I wasn’t actually too bad at it! Now, producing music is my favorite thing to do in life, and my love for it is why I knew that I absolutely needed to be a musician.

I like to dabble in every genre, but electronic music is the most fun for me to make. I always have the best ideas and the most inclination to make music in this genre. Doesn’t mean I won’t try other ones in the future though!

I very much hope that my music is able to bring you some joy and that you’ll follow me in my journey.

Thank you for reading! <3

Tech Fairy

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