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Stelfox – House Tech Mix 2015 – Live

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Stelfox – House Tech Mix 2015 – Live


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Mix Description
A live 40 min mix of some of 2015’s greatest house/tech house tracks, with a few surprises thrown in.

DJ/Producer from Scotland.

During the weekdays he works in the stressful fast paced recruitment industry, where in business he has widely earned the name ‘Stelfox’ for being well known to have a passion for excessive partying.

At the weekends you will usually find Stelfox last man standing, on day 3 of a bender, with tinnitus ringing in both ears, still squeezing out the last few minutes the weekend has to offer whilst hammering out the finest techno/house.

An energetic performer, Stelfox has played at various clubs/events in Glasgow/West of Scotland – Moroculous, Funk Agenda, Cube(now Sugar Cube,)Apostasy etc. Stelfox has also played at after events – his favourite type of setting …until the police turn up.

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