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Techniche 07.04.19

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Techniche 07.04.19


TECHNICHE 07.04.19

An Independence Techno + Tech-House Event

On this day of infamy, we forge inalienable truth that all Techno citizens are created equal, endowed by their pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of Techno.

After last flicker of fireworks and feast, we urge you to join the fold and celebrate freedom and Indiepen-Dance heralded in by John Vilotti (Techniche) and special guest Shanto (Sunday Sanctuary/Krafted Underground -LA).

As evident that rockets glare red and bombs burst in air, we too shall persevere and prosper as a proud nation of dance music denizens for liberty and Techno for all.

Jello Shots by Scarlett • 10pm-2am • 21+

Rich’s Nightclub • 1051 University Ave San Diego 92103

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