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The Captain – Traveling Bonds

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The Captain – Traveling Bonds


This is a mix I did on the fly while playing at Scarlett Lounge in Downtown Phoenix Arizona.

The Captain, also referred to as “The Vibe” LOVES to SAIL ACROSS MULTITUDES OF SOUND WAVES TO DELIVER THE TREASURE OF MUSIC to everyone… and it shows! The Captain has been involved in music his whole life. Whether it’s playing one of his favorite instruments or blasting music on a sound system he’s setup/built. His love for music is never failing, as he’s always sailing. After deciding to DJ he began dedicating every minute to building his ship and helping others climb aboard. Thee Captain LOVES to party and LOVES to make you party even more! You’ll be sure to dance and have a good time if you catch a set with THE CAPTAIN

I’ve always have a deep passion for music. Learning to play new instruments and writing music has always been a part of my life, but I always wanted to be a DJ, but never knew how to get started. It wasn’t until the Covid pandemic when I moved from Utah to Arizona that friend helped place me with a mentor and I instantly fell in love with DJing. Ever since then I have spent every spare moment I’ve had to perfecting the craft!

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