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Visual Culture at Bar Basic


Bar Basic, located in San Diego’s East Village, facilitates a monthly injection of visual and auditory culture into our city. Masterminded by the self-proclaimed dynamic duo of local artists Deron Cohen and Sean Brannan, Visual Culture blends the best of electronic music, fashion, and fine art into a Tuesday night event that is growing in popularity. Utilizing Cohen’s event coordination skills and Brannan’s promotional talents, the pair has successfully created an ongoing experience that continually draws together San Diego’s finest DJs and artists into an impressive collaboration.

Visual Culture strives to provide a variety of electronic music flavors, inviting DJs such as Polyfonix, TheMessenger, Scuzzy, Existence 76, and DJ Vlad. The artists and fashion designers are just as diverse, featuring names such as Sanford Wolcott, Keely Radamacher, Seth Tegardine, Michael Grant, Lester Corral, and Maddie Moon. Cohen and Brannan aim to create a different mix of art and music for each event they create. A unique aspect of these events is that they have the ability to expose electronic music lovers to art and vice versa, leading to people developing new interests.

The event is held on varying Tuesdays and avoid running simultaneous to Padres home games. There is no cover at the door and you can usually spot some drink tickets floating around. Bar Basic provides great drink specials, stocked liquor shelves, and a solid lineup of beer on tap. Also, do not forget the amazing pizza they serve up. As seen recently on Viz Cult’s Facebook page, it’s all about Art, Pizza, Beer, and Music, a combination that can never go wrong.

Not only an entertainment outlet for art and music lovers, Visual Culture provides excellent exposure and money-making opportunities for participating DJs and artists. Performing DJs are paid as usual, however they offer a rare incentive for the visual artists. If artists do not sell a piece throughout the course of the night, they are offered a percentage of the revenues, making these Tuesday nights a winning situation for all parties involved.

The next event will be held on Tuesday, June 22 from 7:00 to 11:00 PM at Bar Basic located at 410 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101. It will feature DJ Scuzzy on the tables and visual artist Will Barton who specializes in portraits of famous musicians. Bring some friends and check it out, you will be greeted by good music, art, drinks, food, and people.

Look up ‘Viz Cult’ on Facebook for more information. If you are an artist or San Diego DJ who is interested in participating in future shows, contact Deron Cohen through the ‘Viz Cult’ Facebook page or via email at [email protected].

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