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Visualize @ Candelas – OIZZIO Productions

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Visualize @ Candelas – OIZZIO Productions


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5/25/2012 at  Candelas Downtown

with DJ’s / Artists


Event Details: This is THE PREMIERE Memorial Day weekend kick-off event!

Are you ready for something refreshingly new, really fun, and different?! Don’t miss “Visualize,” the opening event by the all-new OIZZIO Productions, where real house music runs like a current of electricity, visual art stimulates your eyes into amazement, and delicious food tantilizes your taste buds.

So … what makes this so special? What’s this all about?

Take a deep breath … and imagine stepping into an aesthetically pleasing environment rich in warm colors and inviting vibes. Let the DJs fill your ears with really great, danceable house music … experience bold, stimulating, atypical artwork … and satisfy your tastebuds with exceptional food and fun. This monthly event attracts an eclectic crowd of like-minded people who are soulful, creative, intelligent, and fun.

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Are you nodding your head in agreement? Great.

Who are we?

Oizzio Productions is an amazing team of super-creative people — we are experienced music, art, and business professionals — determined on bringing you a fantastic monthly night that you’ll never want to miss. This special night will continue to be held at the same location in downtown San Diego on the fourth friday of every month.

So, here’s what’s in store for you …

KSJ – Kimberly St. John (

Known for her deep, dark, and hard house mixes, Kimberly St. John holds a DJ skillset uncomparable to anyone else. Based on years of music industry experience, she captivates audiences with her versatile skillset and music selection … ranging from deep house, tech house, funk, rock … she can do it all.

Tim Eisenhauer (

He’s an American visual artist and photographer best known for his bold, colorful photos, eclectic subject matter, and edgy style. He has photographed a wide array of celebrities, boasts a stunning collection of landscape photographs, and is noted for pushing boundaries with his concept collections.

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