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What do San Diego DJ’s prefer? Pioneer CDJ vs Rane Serato

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What do San Diego DJ’s prefer? Pioneer CDJ vs Rane Serato


From the birth of the modern DJ until about the early 2000’s disk jockeys around the world have used vinyl records to deliver music selections to the night club dance floor. New technology and the emergence of electronic music downloads allowed for a paradigm shift to occur in respect to the equipment used by the DJ to perform the same tasks today.

Most DJ’s in San Diego are using one of two systems to deliver their music and there is clear split in the preference of equipment between two specific types of DJ: house music and open format. Lets take a closer look why using CD’s and Pioneer CDJ’s is generally better for the house music DJ and why a digital music collection and Rane Serato Scratch Live (Vinyl) is the choice of delivery for the open format DJ.


*definitions for the purpose of this post
Open Format DJ – plays more than just one genera of music, usually playing many genres in one set

House Music DJ – plays one specific genre of house, dance or electronic music for all or most of the set


Reasons open format DJ’s use Serato (Vinyl)
Open format disk jockeys must be able to store a large library of music, they play more songs per hour and play each song for shorter amount of time . The open format DJ also needs to be able to switch between tracks faster and sometimes use shortcuts and loops to speed up and aid the mixing process. You can start to see why Rane Serato Scratch Live software is a good choice for the open format DJ. Serato allows for easy organization of massive digital music libraries, fast switching between tracks and shortcuts to speed up the mixing. The vinyl control option of Serato allows the DJ’s to scratch and do turntable tricks just as they would with real vinyl records.


Pioneer CDJ 1000

Reasons house music DJ’s use Pioneer CDJ

The house music DJ has less music to organize and sort, he plays his tracks for a longer period of time and performs longer drawn out mixes. This DJ’s primary need is to be able to keep his songs beat matched for as long as possible to create memorable blends and maintain a constant vibe on the dance floor. The house music DJ generally does not scratch or perform any tricky shortcuts while doing the mix. The Pioneer CDJ is a great solution for the house music DJ because it can keep beat matched songs riding together for a lot longer than turntables can.

In conclusion, we have a few reviewed the reasons disk jockeys prefer to use CD Players or Serato to deliver their music. Of course there are exceptions to these rules and we have seen many local house music DJ’s adopt Serato and use it to mix electronic dance music.

Next time you are at the night club, take a look at the DJ and notice what kind of equipment the DJ is using, you may be surprised at your observation.


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