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YU-YA – Unexpected Guest

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YU-YA – Unexpected Guest


I’m YU-YA based in New York, USA, a DJ and producer focused on techno music, occasionally mixing dark ambient, breakbeats and dark psy in my DJ mixes. I use music as an outlet to express and connect with human emotions while breaking down genre barriers and taking listeners on a profound trip through a rainbow of experiences and feelings, from the ups and downs to everything in between.

My recent mix “Unexpected Guest” is a collection of experimental sounds over techno beats and sometimes breakbeats within the range of 130-140bpm.

Kletis – Siren
VOIRON – Digital Voiron Workstation
ADDEØ – Equilibrium
Johnny Kaos – Enduro
Windows 909 – Objective Techno
Berto, Chris Fleischer – Chemical Force
Cerrot – Gradual 05
Justin Jay – Your World Is Beautiful But Is It Real? / Enter
A.Morgan – Masquerade
Amaliah – Selene’s Serenade
Max Tresher – Bipolar
Vibrations of Gravity – Love giver
HD Substance – Chikinte
Rødhåd – Mental strength
Formato: BU, Jason Xmoon – Massive Extinction
Hassan Abou Alam – Mawkif
A.Morgan – Rip curve
re:ni – Don’t Go Dark
HØST – Nothing
J.Blofeld – Obsidian
Modem – Mesmer (Germa Remix)
Sourone – Superradiance
Audio Units – Interhemispheric Communication
ACOR – Loituma – Levan Polkka (ACOR HT Rework)

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